Why You Should Attend a Summer Institute This Year!

By Suzy Koontz Do you want more success for your students? Do you want getting to that success to be more fun? Teachers from the National Math Foundation’s 2015 Summer Institute had great things to say about the content and delivery of terrific kinesthetic learning techniques. Here are some of their comments: “Thank you for […]

Grant Funding Available For Your School!

By Suzy Koontz Are you interested in Math & Movement, but can’t seem to figure out how to fit the materials into your school’s budget? We hope to bring Math & Movement into every school that wants to use it and we are happy to help you secure funding to make it happen! We are […]

Flower Multiplication

10 students form a circle. Each student holds a different number card with the numbers 1-10 written on them (no repeats of numbers). Another student stands in the middle of the circle and represents the middle of the flower. The students holding the number cards represent the flower petals. The teacher calls out a number […]