Bean Bag Baseball Game

Grade 3, Grade 4

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Math & Movement

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Activity Instructions

Divide your class into teams (the number of teams and the number of students on each team will depend on how many students you have). Place a bucket/basket at the end of the floor mat after 60.

Have one team line up in a single file line behind zero. The other team will wait off to the side of the mat until it is their turn “at bat.” The goal of the bean bag game is to get the most bean bags into the bucket before all of the rounds/innings are over. You can determine how many rounds you play.

Give the first player a multiplication by six question. Have them hop to their answer and make sure they are correct. If the answer is correct, they will try to toss their bean bag into the bucket at the end of the floor mat. If they are incorrect, they get a ‘strike’ and do not get to toss their bean bag. Repeat with the next student in line. You can decide how many ‘strikes’ each team gets before switching to the next team.

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