Simplifying Fractions

Grade 3, Grade 4

Created by:

Math & Movement

Activity Instructions

Ask your students the following questions. Have them solve each by standing on the fraction in the problem and finding an equivalent fraction. (Can slide foot along line horizontally or use a yardstick to find an equivalent fraction.)

  1. Nate has 5/10 pieces of a pie left…what’s another way to talk about the amount of pie?
  2. Emma has 6/9 pieces of a cake left…how can you simplify this amount of pie?
  3. John has 3/9 pieces of a tart left…how can this amount of pie be simplified?
  4. Katherine has 6/10 pieces of a loaf of bread left…how can this amount of bread be simplified?
  5. Rob has 2/8 pieces of a cookie left…how can this amount of cookie be simplified?

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