Spelling List Practice

Grade 1, Grade 2

Created by:

Math & Movement

Activity Instructions

Use your list of current spelling words. Scatter the letter cards on the floor. Call out one of your spelling words. Have the first student find and place the first letter card on the first box (light red). Have the second student find and place the second letter card on the second box (dark red). Continue taking turns with students until the whole word is spelled. Then, have your students line up at the beginning of the mat on the first shoes box (under the light red box).
Take turns having the students jump through the word as they spell it. To spell out the word, “sail”, for example: Stand on the first shoes box, jump on the b, say b. Jump on the second shoes box, jump on the e, say e. Jump on the third shoes box, jump on the c, say c. Continue with that pattern through the word.

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