Understanding Halves of Multiples of 10

Grade 2, Grade 3

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Math & Movement

Activity Instructions

(1) Place the multiples of ten on every other hash mark, starting with 0 and ending with 50. Discuss finding the “half-way” point between 0 and 10 (depending on the students’ level, you may even want to have ten children stand up and divide them into two equal groups to show that half of 10 is 5). Place a colored index card with the number “_5” on the hash mark between each multiple of ten (15, 25, etc.).

(2) This concept can be extended using multiples of one hundred. Explain how each multiple of one hundred is separated by one hundred ones. Half of 100 ones is 50, so halfway between each multiple of one hundred will be the amount of hundreds plus 50 ones. Example: Halfway between 300 and 400 is 300 + 50, or 350.

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