What is the Fraction?

Grade 4

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Math & Movement

Activity Instructions

Use the number line to allow students to figure out fractions of a whole. Place a number 1 label at the fifth hash mark on the mat, a number 2 at the tenth hash mark, a 3 at the fifteenth mark, and a 4 at the end. Place a bean bag (or any type of marker) next to one of the empty hash marks. Students will determine at which number the bean bag is pointing by using the mat. Have them count how many hash marks are between whole numbers by starting at 0 and jumping to one while counting marks. In this case, it would be five hash marks in between each whole number. Thus, 5 is their denominator. If the bean bag is at the third mark, for example, they would label it as ⅗. Continue this exercise by placing the whole marks at varying distances from one another and having students determine the fraction.

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