Math & Movement Arts In Education Programs


Math & Movement’s Arts in Education programs increase student creativity and help to reinforce their math and reading skills.

In the full-day Arts in Education Program, we begin with an energy-boosting morning assembly for both students and teachers. Once it starts, we discuss the importance of having more physical activity in school for a short time. We also discuss how Math & Movement can increase focus, concentration, and brain power. Next, we lead the whole group in some brain-boosting activities. These activities help to make students more familiar with the idea of whisper/loud counting. At this point, we begin to invite a few students to come onstage.

Based off of what they are interested in, we all create a math-movement that everyone can learn. Working with the students, we show the entire assembly how to do the new activity. Teachers should also feel free to pick the students ahead of time. After the assembly, small groups of students meet in different rooms in the school. Students can then jump and play on the floor mats while having fun! At the same time, they can also learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, how to tell time, place value, fractions, skip counting, science, social studies, literacy and many more!

Add Creativity to Your Math Lessons

Program Details 
If the school day or schedule does not work with the program, you can change it! It can also be rearranged to match different schedules. The program starts with the 30-45 minute morning assembly. Right after the assembly are 30-40 minute small group sessions. In addition, schools may choose to include math or reading or both.

The Cost
$3,950/day which includes 50 hard copies of any of the following math materials:
⚫ The Math & Movement Training Manual
⚫ Common Core Lesson Plans (hard copies are available in K, 1, 2 or 3)
⚫ Multiply With Me, Instructor Guide or Student Workbook OR any of Suzy Koontz’s books for children: Honey, A Math Adventure (English or Spanish), Buddies, A Math Adventure, Freddy Fibonacci’s Awful Allowance

Also included are electronic versions, for ALL your teachers of the The Math & Movement
Training Manual, Common Core Lesson Plans, Multiply With Me Set (Instructor Guide and
Student Workbook), and digital skip counting banners (valued over $150/teacher).