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Building Resilience Through Movement: Classroom-Based Instructional Practices

presented by Peaceful Schools and the National Math Foundation

One teacher can make all the difference in the lives of children. Strong, trauma-informed relationships must exist between students and their teachers in an instructional setting, lest students feel unable to communicate their educational needs effectively in and outside of the classroom. One way to strengthen this instructional relationship is to add movement to the equation. Research shows a positive correlation between movement and learning; when students get up and move before (or while) they learn, there is a notable increase in students’ critical thinking skills, a decrease in anxiety and frustration, and an observable increase in their excitement for learning. This excitement and energized state-of-mind lays the foundation for future success and helps students overcome learning difficulties and psychological stress. Kids are going to need many new strategies coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly strategies that prioritize mental, social, and emotional health, if they are to be successful in school; movement – structured, consistent, and fun – is the key.

Unfortunately, very few organizations and programs have taken advantage of these findings. The purpose of this workshop, therefore, is to share with the global community why trauma-informed instruction is needed in our schools, how trauma-informed instruction can help teachers and their students create an impactful instructional relationship in the classroom, as well as what movement-based practical strategies you and your teachers can use to (1) enrich classroom instruction and (2) increase students’ physical and emotional wellness.

These trying times call for an innovative and collaborative approach to helping students learn essential skills – an approach grounded in play, physical activity, and trauma awareness that unites every student regardless of skill level or background. Please join this collaborative webinar led by Peaceful Schools and the National Math Foundation.

The Presenters

Dr. Lura Lunkenheimer

Dr. Lura Lunkenheimer is the President of Peaceful Schools, an educational consulting company serving New York State for over 15 years. Lura is an educator and staff development trainer with over 20 years of experience. She has expertise in youth development, social emotional learning, conflict resolution, restorative practices, positive behavioral interventions and supports and enrichment education.


Suzy Koontz is the Founder and CEO of Math & Movement. She is an actuary, an educational consultant, a math teacher, and the creator of over 150 kinesthetic teaching tools. As the author of over 15 books, Suzy’s passion is helping students recognize their ability to learn and helping them lead healthier lives while achieving academic success. Suzy’s mission is for ALL students to be on grade level in math and reading.

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