Dryden Mutual Insurance Co. Sponsoring Math & Movement Family Fun Nights across New York State

Dryden Sponsorship

This Spring, Dryden Mutual Insurance is sponsoring 15 Family Fun Night Events across New York State. The sponsorship covers the whole event cost (over $995). Math & Movement will be able to provide Family Fun Nights in select counties. 

School Requirements

To be eligible for a Dryden Sponsored Family Fun Night,

  1. It must be your school’s first Dryden Sponsored Math & Movement Family Fun Night. 
  2. Your school must be located in one of the approved counties:
    • Tompkins, Cortland, Broome, Tioga, Chemung, Schuyler, Seneca, Cayuga, Onondaga, Chenango, Madison, Yates, Ontario

We recommend the following to help structure and organize your event:

  • 1 table outside the gym or cafeteria for check-in. Families can collect the activity guide (you print) and writing utensil (you provide).

  • 2-3 volunteers for setup and clean up.

  • 10-15 volunteers run the math stations. Usually, teachers work best as volunteers, but we’ve also had parents, guardians, and even middle or high schoolers help out, too.

  • Lots of tape! We recommend packing tape to secure the mats to the gym or cafeteria floor.

Please also note that if you need to reschedule or cancel your event, please do so within three weeks of your scheduled event. If you would like to reschedule or cancel your event please email us at info@mathandmovement.com.

Fill out our interest form and we will be in touch if your school is eligible for a Dryden Sponsored Family Fun Night!

What is a Math & Movement Family Fun Night?

A Math & Movement Family Fun Night is a high-energy math and reading event that increases parental engagement. Children use fun floor mats and wall charts to learn math and reading concepts through movement. The event boosts students’ confidence in math and reading skills – and parents have fun, too! Family Fun Nights are great for kids of all ages–from preschool through middle school. Individual events can be tailored to specific age or ability groups.

What Math & Movement Provides for Your Family Fun Night

On the day of the event, the Math & Movement Event Presenter will arrive 2 hours before the start time to set up. The Event Presenter will bring floor mats (stations) and set them up in the preferred event location (usually the gym or cafeteria) and secure the floor mats with tape.

The Event Presenter will provide training to the event volunteers and teachers. During the event, the consultant will circulate, answering any questions that come up and generally help the event run smoothly. Please review the sample timeline below for more information. 

Each Family Fun Night includes about 30 different activity stations. If you are interested in a Family Fun Night, please email us at info@mathandmovement.com to request a copy of the activity guide to better understand the various activity stations.

Sample Event Timeline

Set Up 1 hour
Volunteer Training 1 hour
Family Fun Night 1 hour
Clean Up 30 minutes

What the Host School Provides

  • Before the event, print the provided activity guide, enough for 1 per family or student (optional)
  • Writing utensils for participants
  • A table outside of the event space for activity guides and writing utensils
  • A large space for the event – most often the gym – that is free from students and equipment at the time the consultant arrives to set up
  • 3-4 volunteers to assist with setup
  • 10-15 volunteers to arrive an hour before the event start time for training on the mat stations. These volunteers stay for the event also.
  • 3-4 volunteers to assist with clean up, un-taping, rolling up mats, and picking up materials

Why Host A Family Fun Night?

The community is encouraged to join together.

Promote strong school and community relationships.

Older students improve their skills by helping younger students.

Strengthen parent/child bonds.

Fill out our interest form and we will be in touch if your school is eligible for a Dryden Sponsored Family Fun Night!