Engaging PTA Events for Parental Involvement: Family Fun Nights

Math & Movement Family Fun Nights are fun PTA events that increase parental involvement, student engagement, and achievement. Family Fun Nights are high-energy math and reading events. During Family Fun Nights, parents can learn about kinesthetic and play-based methods. Before the event begins, we train volunteers to operate stations and lead activities. In addition to adult volunteers, older students can improve their skills by volunteering to help younger students. Throughout the event, parents and children move from station to station engaging in kinesthetic activities. In this way, parents see firsthand how the children can use fun floor mats and wall charts to learn math and reading concepts. At Family Fun Nights, parents learn how their child learns best! The two-hour event boosts students’ confidence in math and reading skills – and parents have fun, too!

Math & Movement Family Fun Nights for Increasing Student Achievement

Every student has certain needs and strengths in the classroom. When we make families more aware of a student’s needs and strengths, we can help them to learn better! At Family Fun Nights, parents can talk with their child’s teacher to get a better understanding of their needs and strengths. They also learn kinesthetic strategies they can use to help support their child. After the event, parents can help students practice what they learn in the classroom. As a result, student confidence in math and reading will soar. It will also help strengthen the bond between the child and their parent. At Family Fun Nights, parents can see Math & Movement in action and understand how to motivate their child and make learning fun!


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