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10 students form a circle.

Each student holds a different number card with the numbers 1-10 written on them (no repeats of numbers).

Another student stands in the middle of the circle and represents the middle of the flower.

The students holding the number cards represent the flower petals.

The teacher calls out a number that will be used for the entire series.

The student in the middle looks at the first number card and multiplies the number that was called out by the number of the card (let’s say the number on the card was 3 and the number called out was 5).

The student would say the answer, 15, and walk around the student holding the 3 card as if walking around the flower petal.

The student will then go back to the middle and look at the next student and multiply by the number on the card (let’s say the number on the card was 8, so 8 x 3), say 24 and then walk around the student to create the next flower petal.

The student will continue walking around the circle petals and multiplying.

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