100 Word Hop

The 100 Word Hop offers a kinesthetic opportunity for students to learn 100 sight words.

Kindergarten - Grade 3


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  1. Word Hop

    Have a student read the first word. Have them jump on the word while simultaneously saying the word. Be sure that your student says the words correctly. Tell your student...READ MORE

    Kindergarten, Grade 1

  2. Word Search

    Call out a word on the mat. Have the student jump to the word. Once they land on the word, have them spell the word as they jump. Repeat the...READ MORE

    Kindergarten, Grade 1

  3. Bean Bag Decides

    Have a student throw a bean bag on the floor mat. Be sure the bean bag lands on one word. The student goes to the bean bag alternating between one...READ MORE

    Kindergarten, Grade 1

  4. Trace the Word

    Have students crawl on the mat and trace each word with two fingers. Have students trace the words, saying each letter as they trace it. Then, have them say the...READ MORE

    Kindergarten, Grade 1

  5. Word Match

    Create word cards that match the words on the mat. Place the cards in a pile, hat, or a box. A student draws a word and then jumps to the...READ MORE

    Kindergarten, Grade 1

  6. Twister

    Use the game ‘Twister’ as your basis for this activity. Instead of a spinner, you can call out words or draw from word cards you created. Students must follow your...READ MORE

    Kindergarten, Grade 1

  7. Sticky Letters

    Put a sticky note on all the words that start with “l” or “m” or “n,” etc.

    Kindergarten, Grade 1

  8. Rhyming Words

    Have students find words that rhyme. For example, have them look for any words that rhyme with the word ‘me.’ Have them place sticky notes, scrap paper, or another type...READ MORE

    Kindergarten, Grade 1

  9. Undercover Words

    Use a tarp, blanket, old sheet, or scrap paper to cover up all rows (or columns) except the first one. Have students practice with these words first. Make it a...READ MORE

    Kindergarten, Grade 1

  10. Form a Sentence

    Have the student jump on words that form a clear sentence.

    Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2

  11. Sentence Fun

    Have students take turns tossing a bean bag onto the mat. Have them jump to the word it lands on, read the word, and then use it in a sentence.

    Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2

  12. Clipboard Word Fun

    Use a worksheet provided on the following pages that helps students learn the sight words. Have students jump on the mat to solve the worksheet.

    Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3

  13. Past Tense

    This mat can be a great teaching tool for present and past tense. Have a student throw a bean bag onto the mat. Have the student stand on the word...READ MORE

    Grade 1, Grade 2