Count to Ten

Help your students count to ten! The Count to Ten floor mat and floor sticker includes the number, number word, and dots to help young learners hop from zero to ten.

PreK - Grade 2

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    1. Ordinal Numbers

      Have students jump on the first square and say, "One is first."Onto the next square and say, "Two is second."Onto the next and say, "4 is fourth,"Onto the next and...
      PreK, Kindergarten
    2. Numeral Recognition

      Have students jump down the mat and trace each numeral as they say its name. After they have done that twice, have them place a piece of paper by each...
      PreK, Kindergarten
    3. Hopscotch While Skip Counting by Twos

      Have the student begin on START HERE. Have the student whisper “one” while hopping with one foot on the numeral one. Then have the student jump with two feet on...
      Grade 1, Grade 2
    4. Matching Numbers

      Have your students match up the numerals with the same number of objects. Place one object on number one. Place two objects on number two. Choose two of the same...
      Grade 1, Grade 2
    5. Buddies

      Have your students notice that all the numbers have corresponding dots. This is intended for students to learn the value of the numbers. Notice that the number two has two...
      Grade 1, Grade 2
    6. Bean Bag Decides

      Have a student throw a bean bag on the floor mat. They will then hop to the bean bag alternating between one and two-footed movements. Have them pick up the...
      Grade 1
    7. Make Ten

      Say to your student, “Choose a number and walk to it.” Ask the student, “How many steps would you have to take to reach ten?” Have the student jump the...
      Kindergarten, Grade 1
    8. Clipboard Math

      Clip a math worksheet on a clipboard. Have your students figure out the answers to the math problems by walking or jumping on the mat.
      Kindergarten, Grade 1
    9. Race-to-One

      Have a student start at ten and roll one die. They will take the number of steps on the die. The next student will start at ten and do the...
    10. Race-to-Ten

      Have a student start at zero and roll one die. They will take the number of steps on the die. The next student will start at zero and do the...

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