Factor Fun

The purpose of the Factor Fun Floor Mat is to offer a kinesthetic opportunity for children to practice learning multiplication, factors, and products.

Grade 4 - Grade 5

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    1. Factor Fun

      To use this mat, place the factor cards in their places along the edges of the mat, multiply two of the factors to find the answers (the products), and place...READ MORE

      Grade 4

    2. Division Facts

      This example uses factors of four and three. Have a student hop on the 12 and say, “12 divided by…” Then jump on the four and say, “Four is equal...READ MORE

      Grade 4

    3. Factoring

      Place a number in the first product space. For example, 12. Then, have students find all the numbers that can be multiplied together to get a product of twelve. Add...READ MORE

      Grade 4

    4. Missing Number

      Set up the mat with some products and some factors, leaving some spaces blank. Have the student figure out all the missing products and factors.

      Grade 4, Grade 5

    5. Odds and Evens

      Challenge your students to create a factor board with only even number products. Then, have them try to create one with only odd number products.

      Grade 4, Grade 5