Hopping by 100’s

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    1. Hop by Hundreds

      Have students begin on START HERE. Have them hop on each block while they say each number out loud.

      Grade 2

    2. Bean Bag Toss

      Have the student throw a bean bag onto the mat and hop to pick up the bean bag, saying each number as they hop.

      Grade 2

    3. Add the Mat


      Grade 2

    4. Subtract the Mat

      Create notecards with subtraction questions or print off subtraction worksheets using the numbers of the mat. Have students hop on the mat to solve the problems. Example: 700 - 200...READ MORE

      Grade 2

    5. Bean Bag Questions

      Have a student toss two bean bags to create and solve an addition or subtraction problem.

      Grade 2

    6. Count to 1,000

      Have a student toss a bean bag onto the mat. Have them start on that number. Have them figure out how many hops (or hundreds) it takes to get to...READ MORE

      Grade 2

    7. Hop the Mat by 200

      Have students hop across the mat skipping every other block. How many hops does it take?

      Grade 2

    8. Hop the Mat by 300

      Hop across the mat skipping 200 (two blocks) in between. How many hops does it take?

      Grade 2

    9. Dice Decide

      Have a student roll two dice. If a three is rolled, the student stands on that many hundreds on the mat (300). Then, have them add or subtract the amount...READ MORE

      Grade 2

    10. Word Problems

      Give students word problems verbally as they use the mat to help figure out the answer. Examples: If Sarah picks 200 apples and Adam picks 400, how many did they...READ MORE

      Grade 2

    11. Rounding

      Create notecards with numbers ranging from 100 to 1,000. Have a student select a card. The student will round that number to the closest hundred and hop to that number.

      Grade 3