Multiplication Hopscotch

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    1. Multiplication Hopscotch

      Have students hop both feet onto 1 and 1. Then, have them hop one foot on the product, 1. Continue with this pattern (two and two, and then the product,...READ MORE

      Grade 3, Grade 4

    2. Squares

      This mat is useful to reinforce teaching about square numbers. Once students know that a number multiplied by itself makes a square, have them hopscotch down the mat using that...READ MORE

      Grade 4

    3. Square Root Hopscotch

      To reinforce teaching about square roots, have students hopscotch the mat starting from the top (10x10) and ending at the start (1x). As they hop, have them call out the...READ MORE

      Grade 4, Grade 5

    4. Bean Bag Toss

      Have students take turns tossing a bean bag onto the mat. Then, have them hopscotch down to where it landed. When they reach the number it landed on, either call...READ MORE

      Grade 4, Grade 5