My First Shapes Hop

Make it fun to learn the names of basic shapes through pictures and words! Through bright colors and fun shapes, students will learn how to spell and recognize a circle, square, triangle, rectangle, half circle, rhombus, kite, and trapezoid.

PreK - Kindergarten



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    1. Hopping to say the shape

      Have students start on “start here.” Have them jump on each shape and shout the shape as they jump. Make sure they are on the shape they are shouting out....READ MORE

      PreK, Kindergarten

    2. Matching Cards

      Use the shape cards provided below. Have students select a card and match the shape to its location on the mat. Download Shape Cards

      PreK, Kindergarten

    3. Crawl and Trace

      Have your students crawl along the mat while tracing each shape with their fingers.

      PreK, Kindergarten

    4. Shape Pictionary

      Divide the students into two teams. They will rotate turns having one student draw a shape on the board and another find it on the mat and say its name....READ MORE

      PreK, Kindergarten

    5. Characteristics

      Write the characteristics or questions about the shapes on note cards. Read the card aloud (or have students draw and read) and have the students place the card on the...READ MORE

      PreK, Kindergarten

    6. Match It

      Have students find objects around the room and, if able, bring them to the matching shape on the mat. If the object is too large, the student can stand on...READ MORE

      PreK, Kindergarten

    7. Graphing Shapes

      Have all of your students stand on their favorite shapes. Which shape has the most students on it? The least? Do any shapes have equal numbers of kids standing on...READ MORE

      PreK, Kindergarten

    8. Toss and Jump

      Have students take turns tossing a bean bag to a shape. The student will identify the shape it lands on and describe it using their own words.
    9. Body Shapes

      Have students take turns tossing a bean bag onto a shape. Then, have them create the shape with their bodies (or working in groups to make it).

      PreK, Kindergarten

    10. Mystery Shapes

      Describe a shape's position on the mat and have students figure out which shape you are describing. For example, “This shape is below the star and above the oval.”

      PreK, Kindergarten

    11. Hidden Challenge

      Cover up the words on the mat. Have students jump the mat naming the shapes. Then, cover the shapes and have students draw or match shape cards to the names.

      PreK, Kindergarten