Ordinal Numbers

Learn ordinal numbers in the form of numerals, words, and pictures.

Kindergarten - Grade 4

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    1. Counting

      Have students begin counting from the “first” box on the mat. As they hop down the mat, have them say the number order they are on.


    2. Who finishes first?

      Tell the student two numbers. The student will determine which number is would finish a race first. Using the pictorial representation/or mat placement, they can determine which is closer to...READ MORE


    3. Add or Subtract by Fives

      The student will start on any number and will subtract or add five by walking on the boxes on the mat. When the student reaches the correct number, the student...READ MORE


    4. Hop the Mat

      Have the student jump all the numbers starting at first and working all the way to tenth, making sure to say the numbers out loud. The students can also jump...READ MORE

      Kindergarten, Grade 1

    5. How many jumps?

      The student will stand on a number and will be asked how many spots they must jump to reach a certain number. For example, the student will stand on second....READ MORE

      Grade 1

    6. How Many?

      Ask students how many spaces are between first and sixth? Third and eighth? Etc.

      Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4

    7. Word Problems

      Have your students hop on the mat to solve word problems. Examples: 1. In a race, Sally finished 5th and Derek finished 9th, how many people finished in between them?...READ MORE

      Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4