Word Hops

Word Hop Mat A: I, A, The, Go, Can, Is, Me

Word Hop Mat B: To, In, It, Run, Did, Like, And

Word Hop Mat C: Not, We, Get, Said, My, See, You

Word Hop Mat D: Have, Are, No, What, Do, At, On

Word Hop Mat E: Was, For, Come, Funny, He, Jump, Little

Word Hop Mat F: Will, Too, Look, Of, Play, This, Up

Word Hop Mat G: Saw, Ran, One, Here, Good, Down, Big

Word Hop Mat H: Away, Yes, All, Am, Around, But, By

Word Hop Mat I: Call, Came, Eat, Fast, An, Stop, Some

Word Hop Mat J: She, Who, Out, Old, Make, Into, Going

Word Hop Mat K: Her, Help, Had, Give, From, Fly, Cold

Word Hop Mat L: Be, As, After, Your, Under, Soon, So

Word Hop Mat M: Round, Ride, Its, If, His, Him, May

Word Hop Mat N: Many, Made, Live, Let, Know, Has, Got

Word Hop Mat O: Gave, Find, When, Walk, They, Then, Them

Word Hop Mat P: That, Put, Over, Now, New, About, Could

Word Hop Mat Q: Ask, Always, Any, Again, Ate, With, Were

Word Hop Mat R: Went, Take, Say, Our, Once, Or, Long

Word Hop Mat S: How, First, Found, Does, Been, Because, Bring

Word Hop Mat T: Wish, Want, Would, Upon, Us, There, Tell

Word Hop Mat U: Pull, Only, Open, Never, Must, Much, Goes

Word Hop Mat V: Every, Done, Before, Which, Work, Very, Think

Word Hop Mat W: Those, Their, These, Small, Show, Sit, Keep

Word Hop Mat X: Just, Hold, Hot, Grown, Fall, Drink, Draw

Word Hop Mat Y: Buy, Where, Try, Today, Shall, Read, Pick

Word Hop Mat Z: Please, Pretty, Off, Own, Myself, Full, Cut

Word Hop Mat AA: Clean, Both, Best, Better, Write, Why, Well

Word Hop Mat AB: Use, Together, Wash, Warm, Thank, Sing, Start

Word Hop Mat AC: Sleep, Right, Laugh, Light, Kind, Hurt, Far

PreK - Kindergarten

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    1. The Word Hop

      Have a student begin on START HERE. Have them read the first word. Have them jump on a word while simultaneously saying the word. Be sure that your student says...READ MORE

      PreK, Kindergarten

    2. Word Match

      Create word cards that match the words on your mat(s). Place the cards in a box or in a pile. Have a student draw a word card. Then, they will...READ MORE

      PreK, Kindergarten

    3. Bean Bag Decides

      Have a student throw a bean bag on the Word Hop floor mat. (Be sure the bean bag lands on one word.) The student will jump to the bean bag,...READ MORE

      PreK, Kindergarten

    4. Trace the Word

      Have a student crawl on the mat and trace each word on the mat with two fingers. Have the student trace the word, saying each letter as they trace it....READ MORE

      PreK, Kindergarten

    5. Word Hopscotch

      Have a student begin on START HERE. Have the student read the first word. The student hop on the word with one foot while simultaneously saying the word. Have the...READ MORE


    6. Clipboard Word Fun

      Clip a worksheet that helps students learn the sight words to a clipboard. Have students jump on the mat to solve the worksheet.


    7. Sentence Fun

      Have students take turns tossing a bean bag onto the mat. Have them jump down to the word it lands on, read the word, and then use it in a...READ MORE


    8. Spell and Say

      Give students a word to jump to. Student jumps to that word, spells the word, and then says the letter sounds. For example, student jumps to the word "sit." The...READ MORE