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Is your school excited about active classroom learning?

Consider applying for this grant to host a full day Math & Movement professional development workshop at your school!


The grant will provide 6 hours of professional development training, materials, and credit in movement-based learning. (Valued at $4,697)

In addition to learning the six categories of “math-movements,” teachers will learn kinesthetic strategies for linking content areas with physical activity. Concepts include fractions, multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, place value, telling time, geometry, skip counting, money, positive/negative numbers, factoring, graphing, symmetry, rounding, decimals, percentages, and more.

Workshop Description:

Math & Movement: Kinesthetic Strategies to Improve Math Outcomes 

Target Audience: For teachers, educational support professionals, physical education and special education teachers for Pre-K through grade 5.

This interactive workshop offers kinesthetic strategies that support the curriculum, build number sense, develop critical thinking and deep conceptual math understanding, and increase a student’s fluency and ability to focus and concentrate. This is a fast-paced and fun workshop packed with new ideas for linking movement with content and including these activities throughout the school day. The workshop also includes “trauma-informed” teaching practices that benefit all students. Teachers complete the one-day training feeling energized and inspired! 

A Math & Movement presenter will arrive at your school with over 40 different interactive learning stations. This workshop will be facilitated while school is in session. We will train teachers and provide a hands-on, exploratory learning opportunity for your students. Our Math & Movement facilitator will lead activities for two classrooms of your students (grades K, 1, 2, 3, or 4) for 30 minutes for each classroom.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • Why exercise increases learning.
  • How to use Math & Movement to help students meet state standards and increase test scores.
  • Easy-to-apply and powerful techniques for extra math practice and brain breaks.
  • How to train your students to develop their own Math & Movement exercises.
  • Methods for documenting the effectiveness of these strategies.     
  • Grant opportunities
  • About the National Math Foundation (Please see the video of the NMF Summer Institutes.)

Click here to see evaluations from previous workshops.

Host School Benefits:

  • Free 6-hours of professional development for host school’s teachers.
  • A customized agenda to best fit into your school’s schedule.
  • Three Math & Movement floor mats (Skip Counting by 2’s, 3’s, and 6’s, valued at $535).
  • Free e-books for all teachers in your school (a $7,560 value based on 30 teachers, please see list below).
  • Books for your library: One hard copy of Math & Movement Training Manual, Buddies: A Math Adventure; Honey: A Math Adventure; Freddy Fibonacci’s Awful Allowance;Multiply With Me, Learning to Multiply Can Be Fun Instructor Guide and Student Workbook; and the Common Core Learning Standards Set (K-3).
  • One hard copy of the Math & Movement Training Manual for K-5 Physical Education.

Host School Requirements:

  • Serves the grade range PreK-5 in the United States.
  • Offer space in your school (ex. gymnasium) for one school day.
  • Access to internet, LCD projector, speakers, and microphone.
  • Distribute and collect media release forms to parents and teachers to allow us to photograph students and teachers.
  • Pay for substitute teachers to cover your participating teachers’ classrooms.
  • Share workshop information with surrounding schools.
  • Invite local media to the event (please contact us to waive this requirement).
  • Invite teachers from other schools. In addition to your teachers, we will need at least 30 teachers to attend the workshop (from other schools in your district, surrounding school districts, charter schools or private schools.) We will provide the flyer, registration link and PD certificates.

Attendees will receive:

Total Retail Value: $4,697, includes workshop cost, presenter expenses, and cost of books and e-books for each attendee.

The first host school in a district will have the opportunity to act as a model for others in the area. Please note, host schools will allow teachers from surrounding schools and districts to attend their workshop.


2019 Summer Institute Offer!

The first 20 people to register for the National Math Foundation/Math & Movement Summer Institute receive their choice of a Skip Counting by 2s, Skip Counting by 3s, or Skip Counting by 6s floor mat! Attendees who register for the 4-day Summer Institute will also get an Add/Subtract floor mat!
Learn more and register here!