Moving & Learning Families Program

Increase Parent Engagement and
Encourage Virtual Learners

The Moving & Learning Families Program will equip local students (at the 2nd-5th grade levels) and their parents/guardians with movement-based learning strategies, materials, and virtual (synchronous and asynchronous) training to physically, mentally, and emotionally re-engage them in mathematics while learning at home during the pandemic. This program is sponsored by the National Math Foundation.

Receive movement-based learning tools for your families to use at home

Equip parents/guardians with the techniques and confidence to help their children succeed in math

Weekly virtual sessions for families and students with Math & Movement founder, Suzy Koontz

The Moving & Learning Families Program

The Moving & Learning Families Program provides families with their own floor mats to use for at-home learning. Weekly virtual sessions will be held for parents to ask questions and learn strategies to guide students at home. Students learning from home will also have synchronous or asynchronous sessions to assist with their learning.

Why is this
Program Needed?

It is important to remind parents/guardians and their children of their strength and resilience during this global pandemic. We want students to feel successful when practicing essential skills, like multiplication! This program allows families to learn and grow together. It will also build confidence in math skills, making the eventual transition back to the classroom much less stressful for parents, teachers, and students.

Are you a community organization or family interested in initiating this program? Are you an educator at a school who wants to implement this for your community?