Math & Movement
Multiplication Package Grant

Join us in our quest for all students to be on grade level in math!

After 3rd grade, this requires multiplication mastery! A child can master multiplication by practicing one hour a day for eight to ten weeks. This is much faster than learning how to read. If a child does not learn multiplication in third grade, then they flounder in fourth grade. The math content in fourth grade is much more challenging than third grade and requires multiplication mastery for the child to be successful. If the child leaves third grade with weak skills in multiplication, then it is very likely that they will struggle in math in fourth grade and beyond. Not learning multiplication can result in the student deciding that they are “not a math person,” and thus closing the door to endless STEM possibilities. 

Movement Can Offer a Solution

When students physically jump to learn their multiplication facts on the Math & Movement floor mats, students become energized and focused! The bright colors are visually stimulating to students. They get excited about learning. This jump and learn process works so efficiently because exercise pumps glucose and oxygen into the brain which the brain requires for fuel. Students‘ enthusiasm leads to increased practice time which cements the multiplication concepts into their memory.

The Multiplication Grant Details

This grant will provide Math & Movement Multiplication Packages to all grant award recipients. These materials will be awarded to educators who are excited about implementing kinesthetic learning into their classroom and can demonstrate a need for increasing multiplication fluency among their students. The grant for the multiplication package is for one educator and provides COVID-SAFE education and wellness tools. 

The Multiplication Package Includes:


  • Your organization directly serves youth between the ages of 3-18 years old.
  • Your organization is located in the United States.
  • You agree to collect data with a pre-test and post-test for final reports. 
  • You will participate in the online training that the grant offer. The training will offer 3 PD credits and a certificate. 
  • You agree to share pictures and/or videos of student progress (with parent/guardian consent).

All interested educators must submit an application in order to be considered for this grant. This is a rolling application process and will close when funding limits have been met. It can take up to four weeks to review an application.


If you have any questions regarding the application, please contact