Our Holiday Gift to You! A Lowe’s Toolbox for Education Draft Proposal

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By Suzy Koontz

We know you are wildly busy…so we are offering you a special holiday gift! We’d like to draft your Lowe’s Toolbox for Education application so you can easily apply for funding to bring Math & Movement to your school.

Why would you want one written for you? How is that a gift???

  1. Many of you on this email list have asked for help getting funding for Math & Movement materials. Lowe’s has been very supportive of this project for many schools in the past so we are helping other schools access this possible funding.
  2. If we draft it, you can refine and complete the application in just a few hours of time.
  3. If funded, you get to select the perfect materials for your school.
  4. Once you are implementing the program, you will be more relaxed and have more fun teaching than ever before.
  5. Your students will be more successful than ever before.

If you are ready to accept our gift, please complete this short form so we have the data we need for the first draft.


HURRY!  The first 40 people to respond by January 10 will receive free drafts. After that, we will complete as many drafts as time allows.

The submission period opened on December 19 and closes by February 9 OR when they get 1,500 submissions (whichever comes first!).

You can request up to $5,000 in funding for materials to bring Math & Movement to your school. Ideally, your school would provide some cash match – even a few hundred dollars for a mat or two shows Lowe’s that this is important to your school.

We can also include (as match, not part of the request) the costs of the time and travel for any Math & Movement training your teachers attend. And also for any Family Fun Night the school host/ed. Please estimate those costs so they can go in the budget section.

Another step that has been shown to be important to getting funded is to go to your local Lowe’s store and tell them about your project and invite them to participate in whatever way they feel like they can. Many stores offer employees as volunteers for family nights and that sort of thing. Whatever you discuss with the manager, you add a sentence or two about it in the draft when we send it to you (or you can email that info to us at jenn@mathandmovement.com and we’ll include it in our first draft).

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We are thrilled you want to leap into kinesthetic learning with your students and are happy to help you seek funding to do that!

Happy Holidays!

Suzy Koontz

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