Place Value Hop Laminated Floor Mats

These multi-activity mats teach the fundamentals of multi-place number building. Students can write in numbers with dry-erase markers and wipe them off to create new numbers! Write numbers in the place value columns, then hop to say the number with the help of the place value prompts. Add place value manipulatives like blocks or popsicle sticks (not included) to add a visual comparison of the places.

5 variations and a full set are available.

Also available as regular floor mats or as laminated stickers.


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Dimensions: P1 – 60 inches x 52 inches / P2 – 96 inches x 52 inches / P2 Extensions – 96 inches x 52 inches / P3 – 96 inches x 52 inches / P3 Extensions – 96 inches x 52 inches

Materials: Laminated heavy-duty vinyl floor mat

(This material does not include number cards. If you are interested in a Place Value material with cards, check out the floor mat version here!)


  • Place Value Hop (P1) (ones, tens, hundreds, thousands)
  • Place Value Hop – Millions (P2) (ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, ten thousands, hundred thousands, millions)
  • Place Value Hop – P2 Extensions (ten millions, hundred millions, billions, ten billions, hundred billions, trillions, ten trillions)
  • Place Value Hop – Decimals (P3) (thousandths, hundredths, tenths, ones, tens, hundreds, thousands)
  • Place Value Hop – P3 Extensions (ten thousands, hundred thousands, millions, ten millions, hundred millions, billions, ten billions)

Place Value Game Sample Activity:

  1. Create a number by writing numbers in the boxes at the top of the Place Value Hop floor mat. For example, create the number 2,345.
  2. Start at the ones column. Hop on the 5 and say “5 ones.”
  3. Hop on the 4 and say “4 tens.”
  4. Hop on the 3 and say “3 hundreds.”
  5. Then, hop on the 2 and say “2 thousands.”


Please Note: Dry-erase mats and stickers are not slip-resistant. It is important to place the mats and stickers in safe spaces that are not in high-traffic areas (e.g. school hallways). 



View a video of a regular Place Value Floor Mat. The laminated mats can be used the same way, but cards are not included. Students can fill in their own numbers instead of using cards.




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