Teacher Retention and Necessities

Educators and administrators are looking for new ways to increase teacher retention. Why is this so important? Because new teachers have the highest teacher turnover rate. Studies show that many of them will leave the school some time within their first five years of teaching. All of which can cost schools billions. One of the main reasons why teachers quit is because they feel they do not have a voice or a say in  how their class is run. Similarly, many teachers are under a lot of pressure to make sure that they meet certain state standards. By creating interactive classrooms and providing teachers with the skills they need, there is no more pressure to meet state standards. Instead, teachers have more confidence and passion for their work. As a result, these skills can increase student growth and achievement which helps to create a better classroom environment.



Math & Movement has a wide variety of professional development for teachers. Each type of event provides attendees with kinesthetic teaching experience and professional development credit. By the end of each event, we want to support teachers and give them the skills they need to help all students. In order to do so, we work with schools to make sure the course material is closely aligned to state standards. When teachers have the tools to help students and meet state standards they can be successful. That way, teachers have more flexibility in how they conduct their classroom. In the end, they are more likely to stay in education and continue to grow and develop their skills.

Engaging Professional Development for Teachers

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