Math & Movement Floor Stickers

How to install Math & Movement Stickers

So you have just purchased your first Math & Movement stickers and are super excited about sticking them to your hallway floors, desktops, classroom doors, stair risers or anywhere else you can fit them!

Follow these simple tips to make sticker installation easy and fun for all involved.

Recommended: 18″ Squeegee

Note: Clean floor prior to installation. Sweep area, and then mop with water and dawn dish soap. Let dry for 30-60 minutes. Then apply denatured alcohol with clean mop. Only install vinyl stickers on clean, dry surfaces.

Step 1: Unroll your vinyl stickers and allow them to lay flat for 24-48 hours prior to installing

Step 2: Align the sticker in desired location and position

Step 3: Peel the backing of the sticker 3″ to 6″ and firmly press the exposed sticker to the floor (Note: Make sure the sticker does not shift during this process)

Step 4: Pull the sticker over top of itself leaving the first 3″ to 6″ adhered to the floor

Step 5: Peel the backing completely off

Step 6: Using a squeegee, hold the sticker vertically from the ground and push the squeegee along the sticker while keeping tension on the sticker


Note: Any small bubbles can easily be worked out or pricked with a pin to release the air underneath. Mats are intended to be permanent and not re-positional. 

Please only install vinyl stickers on clean, dry surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend using a water-based wax over your stickers after you have installed them. However, please test the wax with a few sample pieces before applying it to the floor stickers.  

We recommend following the cleaning and install tips provided. If the area is not properly cleaned the sticker can not properly adhere to the floor. If the floor is wet then the sticker also has a hard time adhering to the floor.  

We recommend hand cleaning the stickers for best results. School cleaning riders may damage the stickers color. However, it should not affect the adhesiveness. 

Waxing over the stickers with a water-based wax can help encapsulate the sticker and protect it from foot traffic. 

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