Math Kits

Math Kits for Complete School Learning Plans

Are you looking for new play-based learning options for your school or classroom? We have two options based on specific grade-level concepts for you to check out! Both math kits offer solutions to boost kinesthetic teaching throughout the school day. We also have options for the kits with training or without training, depending on the needs of your school.

These math manipulative kits are created for multiple classrooms. For example, in the K-2 Math Kit, we have six Count to 10 mats, one for each Kindergarten teacher. However, if you have more or fewer teachers per grade level this can be updated. We also have smaller kits better suited for single classrooms.

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The K-2 Math Kit

Boost number sense in kindergarten, first, and second grade with this set of kinesthetic floor mats and books. This kit is available with or without training.