Bring Active Learning to Your School

Interested in bringing kinesthetic learning to your school or classroom? Math & Movement’s educational workshops incorporate multi-sensory learning by using kinesthetic, auditory, and visual learning styles to suit every student’s needs.

In-person or virtual options are available.

Benefits of Exercise

Discover the many ways that exercise can benefit learning and increase retention.

Meet State Standards

Math & Movement is aligned with many state standards and can help students increase test scores.

Add Math Practice

Learn easy-to-apply and powerful techniques for adding extra math practice into classroom and Physical Education lessons.

Brain Break Ideas

Train your students to develop their own Math & Movement exercises and active math movements.

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What our attendees have to say

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"I thought it was very comprehensive. You did a great job keeping us engaged and moving."
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"Thank you once again for being the keynote speaker at this year's conference. Because of your outstanding presentation, we know our participants had a great conference. Our conference evaluations were 100% positive! Everyone left with new motivating tools for teaching."
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"You gave me some insight and ideas on how to incorporate math concepts within activities that I'm sharing with my students. I thought about various ways to modify your mats so I could reach 40+ kids at a time in short bursts."
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"As an AIS teacher, I love the idea of movement and repetition. This conference was excellent. It’s one of the best conferences I’ve been to in my 20+ years of teaching."
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"I love the 9s twist and whisper elephant. I love the place value mat. My lower students really struggle on this topic."
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"I’m excited to bring some ideas to my principal…I learned that cross body movement will help. I will add to my movement activities."
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"You exceeded my expectations. Thank you for the amazing resources."
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"I found some new ideas for incorporating movement in my classroom. I feel like I have some more ideas on how to get kids moving."
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"I didnt realize that there was a connection between cross body and the brain. I will definitely work to incorporate more of this movement into my daily instruction."
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"We had a great discussion and real world examples of strategies."
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"I learned how important it is to get students moving when learning math."
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"Thank you for addressing the problem we are having with students grasping math facts and trying to bridge the gap. It was a great refresher for me and it gave me a lot of great activities to use especially in the area of multiplication."
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"Going to use examples used throughout the day starting tomorrow during our morning meeting. I like the differentiation between the types of learners and grade levels."

Our Workshop Options

We have made more options for our workshops to make participation easier for educators across the country. We have virtual and in-person workshops available. See our options below.

⇢ Virtual Workshop Options ⇠

Use the following filter to sort through our virtual topics. Each option includes 1-hour of virtual training. Cost is $300 per session.