Host Your Own Parent Engagement Event
with a Family Fun Night Kit

Family Fun Night Kits provide all of the materials for a school to hold its own family night. Our kit options are a great deal to receive materials to use in the classroom and to hold after-school events! 

Host unlimited events with your new materials.​

Receive a virtual training to learn activities for the materials covering many grade levels.

Reuse the materials in teachers’ classrooms throughout the school year!

family fun night kit
family fun night
family fun night

Choose Your Family Fun Night Kit

We have created three, K-5 family fun night kit options to best suit a range of needs. Every kit  includes activity guides for each material, and e-books for your families and teachers.

The Hopper Kit

A perfect place to start for schools looking for a basic kit of our most popular floor mats.

The Skipper Kit

Our mid-level kit includes a larger range of products to encompass more concepts and activities.

The Jumper Kit

A comprehensive set of materials to cover core math concepts taught from PreK to fifth grade.

Family Fun Night Kit Add-Ons

In addition to the kits above, you can ‘add on’ the following options.

Add On: Literacy, Social Studies, and Science

Want to cover more than just math? This add-on  is for you!

Add On: School Activity Page

Looking for a digital component to your event? You may be interested in this add-on. This is a perfect addition for schools wishing to hold contactless events.

The Floor Mats

If you are interested in a custom set of materials, let us know.  Any adjustments will alter pricing. Not familiar with our mats? Check out our product page or click the mat names to learn more about each one.

We recommend the following to help structure and organize your event.

  • 1 table outside the gym or cafeteria for check in. Families can collect the activity guide and writing utensil.
  • 10-15 volunteers run the math stations. Usually teachers work best as volunteers, but we’ve also had parents, guardians, and even middle or high school students help out, too.
  • Lots of tape! We recommend packing tape to secure the Skip Counting Mats and other Math & Movement floor mats to the gym or cafeteria floor.

School Activity Pages​

To hold contact-free events and provide you with resources beyond the events, we will create a unique school activity page for schools who select the School Activity Page Add-On (not included in the regular kits).  These pages include activities and quizzes to guide students while using the mats. 

Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to Ancient Egypt

The year is 1914. Dr. Howard Carter, the famed archaeologist and explorer, is en route to the land of Egypt with a crew of archaeologists (including you!) to excavate the wondrous Valley of the Kings! This valley has housed the tombs of ancient Egyptian nobles and royal family members for around 4,000 years! 


The trek from the capital of Cairo to the ancient city of Luxor is a long one, but Dr. Carter has trusted you to navigate the crew to the famous valley to begin excavation. Carter believes the valley still holds secrets and a mysterious pharaoh lays waiting to be discovered – you just need to get there first. Good luck!

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