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Active Math for Active Minds:
New Ways To Teach Math and Literacy
That Help Students Focus.

Children love to jump, hop, and skip! Create a multi-sensory teaching approach that fits their active minds and bodies.

→ Math & Movement Symposium

The Math & Movement Symposium is a two-day intensive training that takes place during school hours. It offers
training for elementary teachers/schools in movement-based learning strategies to boost student achievement
and increase physical activity, health, and brainpower of students.

Teacher benefits:
  • receive tons of free books
    (over $300 value)
  • become trained in Math & Movement strategies
  • learn data collection techniques
  • learn strategies for increasing parental
    engagement and building school community
 Host School benefits:
  • a set of Math & Movement materials ($1,995 value)
  • four hours of one-on-one tutoring for 25-50 students
  • a FREE Family Fun Night ($995 value)
  • FREE e-books for all teachers in your school
  • a 10% discount and free shipping on all floor mats
    (if ordered within 2 weeks of event)

→ Common Core State Standards Package

Included in the package:

  • 6-hour onsite workshop
  • 20 Access passes to online training (train teachers who missed the workshop or use as a refresher course)
  • 30 Math & Movement training manuals
  • Introduction to Math & Movement DVD
  • 6 Skip Counting classroom banners
  • Add and Subtract floor mat
  • 7 Number Line Hopping floor mats
  • 7 Playground stencils
  • Number Line 1-10 floor mat
  • Clock Hop floor mat
  • Place Value Hop P2 (millions) floor mat and cards
  • Place Value Hop P3 (decimals) floor mat and cards
  • Cartesian Coordinates Hop floor mat
  • Fraction Hop 1/3 and 1/6 floor mat
  • Fraction Hop ½ and ¼ floor mat
  • Equivalent Fractions floor mat
  • Attribute Word Hop floor mat
  • Ordinal Numbers Hop floor mat
  • Color Hop floor mat
  • My First Shapes Hop floor mat
  • Dollar Hop floor mat
  • Hop by Tens floor mat
  • Operations floor mat
  • Factor Fun floor mat
  • Geometric Shapes Hop floor mat
  • Angle Hop floor mat
  • Hop Scotch for Threes floor mat
  • Multiplication Hop Scotch floor mat
  • Positive/Negative Numbers floor mat


→ Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills Package

Includes the same items as the Common Core State Standards Package



→ Program for Schools

Included in the package:

  • 3-hour onsite workshop
  • 5 access passes to additional workshops at Math & Movement educational website
  • 5 training manuals
  • Introduction to Math & Movement DVD
  • 6 Skip Counting Classroom Banners
  • 1 Add and Subtract Classroom Mat
  • 7 Number Line Hopping Mats
  • 7 Playground Stencils


→ Program for Libraries

Included in the package:

  • Alphabet Hop Mat
  • Color Hop Floor Mat
  • Contraction Word Hop Mat
  • Word Blending Hop Mat
  • Word Hop Floor Mat – A List
  • Add and Subtract Hop Mat
  • Positive/Negative Number Mat