Exercise Body and Mind with Math & Movement's Play-Based Learning Techniques

Improve Classroom Behavior

Children participate eagerly in Math & Movement activities, improving classroom management and compliance.

Meet PE Requirements

Including movement in the classroom
helps your school meet requirements
for physical education.

Promote Healthy Lifestyles

Math & Movement helps
combat obesity and shows students
that exercise can be fun!

A Whole Body Approach to Learning

At Math & Movement, our mission is simple: Get students active and confident in learning. Combining data, research, and decades of collective teaching experience, we have created a series of kinesthetic educational materials.  Our program is designed to engage learners mentally and physically and supplement your school’s curriculum.

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Not Just For Math

Don’t let the name throw you! Yes, we love math, but we are on a mission to connect movement to all content areas! We have activities and learning tools for literacy, science, geography, and more to bring kinesthetic learning to every classroom.

Physical Activity Improves Learning

Our program fosters strong mind-body connections that are the bedrock of healthy lives. Research has found an outstanding correlation between movement and enhanced learning. 

Boosts Learning

“Research suggests that physical activity benefits learning. Movement increases heart rate and circulation, enhances spatial learning, provides a break from learning, allows cognitive maturation, stimulates the release of beneficial chemicals, counteracts excessive sitting, and affirms the value of implicit learning.”

Eric Jensen
Moving With the Brain in Mind

Increases Brain Development

“Exercise stimulates our gray matter to produce ‘Miracle-Gro’ for the brain.‛ This refers to the brain chemical BDNF (brain-derived-neurotropic factor). Exercise stimulates the brain to produce extra BDNF which is used to enhance the development of new neurons (and their connections).”

Dr. John Ratey
Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain

Enhances Retention

“The more closely we consider the elaborate interplay of brain and body, the more clearly one compelling theme emerges: movement is essential to learning. … Movement awakens and activates our mental capacities. Movement integrates and anchors new information and experience into our neural networks. Moving while learning increases learning.”

Carla Hannaford, PhD
Smart Moves, Why Learning is Not All in Your Head

Improves Classroom Behavior

“His [Terrence Dwyer’s] research found that exercise improves classroom behavior and academic performance (Dwyer, Sallis, Blizzard, Lazarus, & Dean, 2001) … His research further revealed that social skills improved in the groups who exercised more. “

Eric Jensen
Teaching With the Brain in Mind

Play-based, kinesthetic learning is an enjoyable way for students to learn new concepts. It instills confidence and reduces the stress that can be associated with learning.

Our Products

Our products are designed with teachers and students in mind. We started off by offering durable floor mats covering various math concepts. Our classic floor mats are built to last, offering years of practice for each new class. 

Since then, we’ve expanded into more options, including stickers, wall banners, and books ranging in Elementary, Middle, and some High School concepts. 

Our Movements

We want to make learning through movement as simple as possible to encourage more educators to give it a try! Active Math Movements are a fun and quick way to get more math practice. Start with adding just 5 minutes of movement a day.

Our Events

We provide in-depth trainings on a wide variety of topics that benefit classroom teachers, PE teachers, administrators, parents, and anyone interested in helping students enjoy learning. From webinars to full school workshops, we’ll help you liven up your lessons!

Time for an Energizer

If you have been sitting for a while and movement is possible for you, get up and do ten jumping jacks. Now how do you feel?

We guarantee your brain feels more alert!

Teacher and Student Approved

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This program allows students who are uncomfortable with math, or who have not typically been successful through traditional teaching methods, feel more confident and less stressed as they move and enjoy the visual and kinesthetic materials.

Maggie Mason
Elementary Teacher
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I have been using math and literacy mats in my classroom. My students love the mats. The movement helps the students in a myriad of ways. Students learn, have fun and work together with each other. The mats are great for collaboration and problem solving."

Alicia Morera Tirado
Bilingual Teacher
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As an AIS teacher, I love the idea of movement and repetition. This conference was excellent. It’s one of the best confer