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Quick tips to follow for completing grant applications:

  1. Go to the funding organization’s website to better understand the specifics of your grant application.
  2. Keep in mind that common criteria include:
    • Improves student achievement
    • Develops student leadership skills
    • Develops student critical thinking skills
    • Provides real-world applications or experiences
    • Outlines measurable results that can be modeled as best practice
    • Can be adapted for use by other teachers
  3. Every grant application is different. The suggested answers in this template are based on previous grants that the Math & Movement team has written. Please feel free to modify any part of the template. Also, note that this template may provide more information than is necessary for your specific grant application. Use whatever is relevant to the questions in your grant application.

Please note: Math & Movement creates these grant templates but does not provide the grants directly.

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Grant Amount

All About the Alphabet

Includes the Alphabet Hop ($295), Confusing Letter Hop ($85), Vowel Hop ($75), Word Hop Tracing Worksheets ($9.95), Literacy e-books ($25), and reduced shipping.

Fractions Are Fun

Includes Equivalent Fraction Hop ($395), Hop by Tens ($95), and reduced shipping.

Grammar Greatness

Includes the Homophone Hop A ($145), Parts of Speech Hop ($145), Punctuation Hop ($145), and reduced shipping.

Hopping in Time

Includes the Clock Hop ($395), Days of the Week Hop ($95), and reduced shipping.

Leaping Through Language

Includes the Greek or Spanish Alphabet Hop ($295); Spanish or Mandarin Days of the Week Hop ($95); French, German, Mandarin, or Spanish Number Line 1-10 ($95), and reduced shipping.

Math on the Walls

Includes the Skip Counting Wall Banner set ($450); Fraction Fun Wall Banner ($75); six Math & Movement Skip Counting Desktop Charts ($29.95); product discount; and reduced shipping.

Measurement Mania

Includes the reduced cost of the Measurement Hop and reduced shipping.

Mini Multiplication and Division

Includes your choice of 2 Skip Counting Mats ($175-$195 each), Multiplication Mar-a-Thon 30 and 60 per page (ebooks) ($39.95 each), the Math & Movement Training Manual (ebook) ($29.95), and reduced shipping.

One Hundred Hops

Includes the Add/Subtract Floor Mat ($400), Ten Frame Hop ($145), and reduced shipping.

Playground Math

Includes Skip Counting Stencils by 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, 6’s, 7’s, 8’s, 9’s (your choice of two); and reduced shipping.

Soar with Science

Includes the Periodic Table Hop ($400), Planet Hop ($95), and reduced shipping.

A is for Apple

Includes the Alphabet Hop Floor Mat ($295); Capital Letters Alphabet Hop Floor Mat ($295); Vowel Hop Floor Mat ($75); reduced shipping.

Addition is Awesome

Includes the Skip Counting by 2s Mat ($175); Hopscotch for Threes Mat ($195); Number Word Hop ($95); Count to 10 Mat ($145); Number Line 0-10 Fruits and Vegetables ($95); and reduced shipping.

Conquering Contractions

Includes four Contraction Hopscotch mats (4 x $145 = $580); Vowel Hop Floor Mat ($75); and reduced shipping.

Counting to 100 is Cool

Includes the Skip Counting by 2s Mat ($175); Hop by Tens Floor Mat ($95); Add/Subtract Mat ($400); reduced shipping.

Crazy Clock

Includes the Clock Hop Floor Mat ($395); Hop By Tens Floor Mat ($95); Days of the Week Hop Mat ($95); and reduced shipping.

Fractions Are Fantastic

Includes the Fraction Floor Walk Mat (full set) ($295); Equivalent Fraction Hop ($395); and reduced shipping.

Get up on the Grid

Includes the Cartesian Coordinate Hop ($395); Fraction Floor Walk Mat (full set) ($295); and reduced shipping.

Grammar is Gratifying

Includes the Homophone Hop A ($145); Prefix Hop A and B ($250); Parts of Speech Hop ($145); Punctuation Hop ($145); and reduced shipping.

Hopping for Homophones

Includes the Homophone Hop B ($145); Homophone Hop C ($145); Homophone Hop D ($145); Homophone Hopscotch ($195); and reduced shipping.

Mastering Multiplication

Includes the Skip Counting by 3’s Mat ($175); Skip Counting by 4’s Mat ($175); Skip Counting by 5’s Mat ($175); Skip Counting by 6’s Mat ($185); and reduced shipping.

Mastering More Multiplication

Includes the Skip Counting by 7’s Mat ($185); Skip Counting by 8’s Mat ($195); Skip Counting by 9’s Mat ($195); Skip Counting by 12’s Mat ($195); product discount; and reduced shipping.

Money Matters

Includes the Dollar Hop Floor Mat ($125); Add/Subtract Floor Mat ($400); Skip Counting by 3’s Mat ($175); and reduced shipping.

Odd and Even Numbers are Radical

Includes the Add/Subtract Floor Mat ($400); Skip Counting by 2s Mat ($175); ten copies of Buddies, A Math Adventure (10 x $9.95); and reduced shipping.

Playing with Place Values

Includes the Hundred Number Grid ($400); Place Value Hop (P1) ($245); and reduced shipping.

Playing with More Place Values

Includes the Place Value Hop – Million (P2) ($395); Place Value Hop – Decimals (P3) ($395); product discount; and reduced shipping.

Reading is Riveting

Includes the Sentence Hop Mat Set ($595); Word Blending Mat B-H ($135); and reduced shipping.

Science is Stunning

Includes the Periodic Table Hop ($400); Planet Hop ($95); Operations Hop ($95); Angle Hop ($95); and reduced shipping.

Sensational Subtraction

Includes the Add/Subtract Floor Mat ($400);  Number Line to 10 Mat ($95); Skip Counting by 2s Mat ($175); Number Line 0-10 Fruits and Vegetables ($95); and reduced shipping.

Shapes are Superb

Includes the My First Shapes Hop Mat ($125); Geometric Shapes Hop Mat ($175); Clock Hop Mat ($395); and reduced shipping.

Terrific Trigonometry

Includes the Unit Circle (Trig) Floor Mat ($395); Angle Hop Floor Mat ($95);  Fraction Walk Floor Mat (thirds and sixths) ($175); and reduced shipping.

The Nature of Numbers

Includes the Positive & Negative Number Mat ($175); Prime Numbers Hop Mat ($95); Ordinal Numbers Hop ($125); Square Numbers Hop Mat ($175); Number Word Hop Mat ($95); and reduced shipping.

Words that Wow

Includes the “TH” Words Hop ($95), Question Word Hop ($95), Number Word Hop ($95), Days of the Week Hop Mat ($95), Months of the Year Hop Mat ($95), your choice of 2 Word Hop Floor Mats (2 x $95) ; and reduced shipping.

Crazy Clock

Includes 2 Clock Hop Floor Mats ($395 each); 2 Hop by Tens Floor Mats ($95 each).

Mastering Multiplication Package

Multiplication Package (save over 25% on the following materials)

Includes the Skip Counting Floor Mats (3’s, 4’s, 6’s, 7’s, 8’s, and 9’s); Skip Counting Digital Desktop Charts (3’s, 4’s, 6’s, 7’s, 8’s, and 9’s); Oodles of Algebra Set (ebooks); I Love to Cancel Workbook (ebook); Multiplication Mar-a-Thon 30 and 60 per page (ebooks); Multiply With Me, Instructor Guide and Workbook Set (ebooks); Math & Movement Training Manual (ebook), and activity guides.

Wonderful Words

Includes the Word Blending Mats Set ($895 for 7 mats).

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