It all started with a fidgety kid...

Suzy Koontz started Math & Movement because she was a parent struggling with an overactive daughter at home. Her second daughter could never sit still and sitting down to learn math was especially out of the question. Suzy felt desperate.

Suzy Was a
‘Math Flunky’

Originally, Suzy never thought she could work in the mathematics field. She struggled to understand math through school and was told by multiple teachers that she would never succeed. Suzy proved them wrong by getting a bachelor's degree in Mathematics, a master's degree in Statistics, passing multiple exams to become an Associate of the Society of Actuaries, and writing two books for actuaries - Survival Models Made Easy and Risk Theory Made Easy. Her poor experiences with math as a young student made her want to help anyone who has ever felt like a ‘math flunky’ gain confidence!

The Magic of Movement

One sunny afternoon, while soaking up the much-needed sunshine in Upstate New York, Suzy and her daughter sat outside working on skip counting. It was slow going and not very much fun. Her daughter climbed up on the trampoline and immediately began to skip count as she jumped! After painful hours of math practice with no success, here she was, skip counting all on her own.

We’ve come
a long way

Math & Movement started with Suzy’s daughter skip counting on a trampoline and has grown to impact educators and kids all over the world. We look forward to bringing our Learner-Centered Design philosophy to schools everywhere, and get more students moving!

Where We Are Now

Our program has expanded to reach students all across the country!

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