Parent Involvement Leads to Student Success

A Math & Movement Family Fun Night is a high-energy math and literacy event that increases parent engagement. Children use fun floor mats and wall charts to learn concepts through movement. The event boosts students’ confidence in math and reading skills – and parents have fun, too! In the past, we only offered in-person events. Now, we have three ways you can engage families and build community support. Check them out below!

Current Offering

Virtual Family
Fun Nights

Our Virtual Family Fun Night is led virtually by a Math & Movement Educator and includes a virtual scavenger hunt with questions for families to complete together. This is a great option for schools needing to fill their family engagement requirements while teaching virtually.

Current Offering

Family Fun
Night Kit

Now offering a fun and simple way for schools to host a safe, socially distanced family engagement event! Our kit provides resources for contact-free events. Schedule small groups to engage in movement-based learning activities!

Our Family Fun Night Kit allows schools to run events on their own and now includes a one-hour virtual training by a Math & Movement Educator. These kits can be reused to hold countless family engagement nights and used in the classroom during the day!

Scheduling for Fall 2021

Family Fun Night

An in-person Family Fun Night offers professional development for your teachers and enjoyable family time loaded with active learning stations for numeracy and literacy. On the day of the event, we train your teachers and volunteers in how to operate the stations. Then, parents and children move from activity to activity, learning the math and reading skills while completing a Math & Movement activity guide. 

Family Fun Nights are great for kids of all ages–from preschool through middle school. Individual events can be tailored to specific ages or ability groups. 

Not sure what type of event you want to have yet? Fill out our Family Fun Night Interest Form to request more information.