Virtual Training

Make it a Math &
Movement Summer

Have your students experienced the “COVID Slide” or the “COVID Learning Loss”?  Are you looking for a summer school curriculum that will offer exploratory learning and enjoyable movement? This summer, consider implementing Math & Movement activities for kindergarten through fifth grade.

Make this summer memorable and enjoyable for your students. Reap the benefits of increased math and reading confidence, problem-solving skills, fluency, and student engagement!

What You Will Learn In This Training

The brain science behind why students learn more rapidly with movement-based learning

How the Math & Movement summer school curriculum boosts math and reading skills

Why the COVID-19 pandemic generated trauma for students

How the Math & Movement summer school curriculum strengthens SEL

Complete Summer School Plan

Our four or six week plan for bringing movement-based learning to your summer school program.

Movement & Learning Summer School Plan

We have created a list of Math & Movement products we think work well for summer school programs. Contact us to create a perfect plan for your school!

Sample Product List

Interested in a Movement & Learning Summer School Plan?