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Movement-Based Learning for Every Student

We’re on a mission to help all students succeed in school. Students learn through different styles — which is why our program includes products for teaching with visual, auditory, and kinesthetic elements aligned with state standards. Our multi-sensory learning approach boosts retention rates, builds self-confidence, and increases test scores. Best of all, kids love to learn this way!

Some Of Our Favorites

The Movement to
Modernize Math Class

Strengthen numeracy and literacy

Supplement existing curriculums

Integrate core subjects

Engage all learners

Support equity

Integrate PE into more subjects

boosts retention ratesModernize Math
Fast and Fun

Learning Through Movement

Play-based learning tools for the classroom or home

Family Engagement Opportunities

Looking for ideas for your next math night? We have several options for you to connect your community!


New Products for the 2021 School Year

Check out all of our latest products for math, literacy,
and more for the new school year!


Students used
Math & Movement for just one hour on July 7, 2021...

1 %
average increase of third grader's multiplication by 3s facts
1 %
average increase of fourth and fifth grader's multiplication by 3s facts

Teacher and Student Approved