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Do you love Math & Movement? Want to promote our program and earn some extra funds? We have a few ways you can work with us and promote movement-based learning. 




Math & Movement Affiliates

What is an Affiliate Program?

Earn extra income by promoting our products! Not only will you earn 10% on all orders made with your code, you will also receive a discount on orders for yourself. If you have a blog or social media following, you can refer people to using your referral code and earn commissions on any sales.

How Does the Math & Movement Affiliate Program Work?

We track all links and orders connected to the links you post so that you receive your commission. You can withdrawal the money to PayPal or use your commission to buy your own discounted materials.

How Do I Get Started?

Create your account and start earning commissions! No application required. Information on registering found here.

Math & Movement Ambassadors

Are you looking for strategies to rapidly increase student learning? Consider joining the grant-funded Math & Movement Ambassador Program!

Join a team of innovative educators and jump-start kinesthetic learning in your school. For just $40, you will receive a Skip Counting by 3s Mat to use with your students and all the perks below.

The Program

Ambassadors will use the Skip Counting by 3s Mat in their classroom(s). Pre- and post-test will be provided to track student improvement over 3 months. We will also provide a final report survey where you can give us an honest evaluation of the mat and student engagement.

The Perks


  • Your choice of a Skip Counting by 3s or Skip Counting by 2s Mat
  • Multiply with Me ebook set
  • Math & Movement Training Manual ebook
  • Multiplication Mar-a-thon Workbook (30 Problems a Page)
  • 6 Skip Counting Digital Banners


  • Attend an introduction call
  • Option for weekly video calls with program founder, Suzy Koontz
  • Recording of Kinesthetic Strategies to Master Multiplication Webinar


  • Get connected with the Program Manager from the National Math Foundation who will look for grant options for your school
  • A great opportunity to gain support and acquire more materials

How Do I Apply?

  1. Go to the Ambassador Program Product Page.
  2. Pay the $40 to register.
  3. We will ship your mat and provide you with the information to join the training call.

Math & Movement Consultant

Math & Movement Consultants are great assets to our team. Depending on your teaching experience and availability, you can serve different roles as a consultant. You can use your skills to work on program development, secure funding for schools, create instructional videos, and more.

Consultants who are also educators can work directly with students, teaching them how to use the math movements and floor mats. Consultants educate students by using kinesthetic teaching materials, resulting in increased retention rates and better comprehension rates of math and reading concepts.

Other tasks in which consultants may engage include leading Family Fun Nights, training other colleagues, and collecting data.

Benefits of becoming a Consultant

  • Learn new strategies to help your students learn at lightning speed
  • Experience the joy of watching a student become totally engaged in the learning process and reach mastery of the concept
  • Develop your leadership skills
  • Meet other passionate educators
  • Earn extra money while helping students excel

Paid opportunities offered to Math & Movement Consultants:

  • Lead Family Fun Nights, event for schools which includes training of teachers and volunteers
  • Organize and/or lead Math & Movement trainings and webinars for teachers and administrators
  • Attend conferences and run exhibit booths
  • Write grants for teachers (after being trained in the skill of grant writing)
  • Write proposals to speak at conferences
  • Develop curriculum
  • Earn commission on materials

How Do I Apply?

By filling out our application, you are not fully committing to becoming an consultant. This application lets us get more details about you so we can determine a good fit for you. A team member will contact you to discuss this role further. Upon approval, you will receive contract terms and more details.

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