Movers & Shakers Program

Movement-Based Learning Study

Calling movers and shakers! Are you in an undergraduate or graduate education program and looking for new insights on teaching strategies or ways to boost your resume?  Consider joining the Math & Movement Movers & Shakers program! Follow a research-based, three-part asynchronous course, and receive a 12-credit hour certificate in Movement-based learning and The Math & Movement Program. 

Learn new and engaging teaching strategies, specifically for multiplication, division, factoring, and get get access to FREE kinesthetic teaching materials. (Please see program details and confirm eligibility).

Complete a class project on the effects of movement-based learning.

Receive a professional development and class credit certificate (please confirm with your administration to make sure the certificate will be accepted for credit.

Program Details

  1. Start with an introduction to movement-based learning and the science behind it. Learn about ACEs and strategies for trauma-informed teaching.
  2. Learn about the various supplemental resources and materials that can be used to teach ‘hard-to-learn’ math and literacy concepts.
  3. Put what you have learned into action with your final project. Choose from a selection of skip counting mats. Bring movement-based teaching strategies to a school near you. Introduce concepts, teach multiplication, division, and factoring based on grade level. Collect data and share your findings!

Participants Requirements & Suggestions

  • Have a connection to a school near you. This could be an upcoming student teaching internship, or perhaps you are already a teacher and looking for additional program ideas!
  • Dreams to create a movement-based learning study.

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