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Can movement shift a math mindset?

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What is the “math mindset” of your students? Do they have math confidence and believe that they can learn math? Do they beg to do more math or choose to do math over a favorite activity? 

This documentary tells the story of a two-week, intensive, movement-based learning intervention at a Title I school in Sarasota, Florida. We engaged one classroom of low-performing, third-grade students in Math & Movement activities. 

Students began the intervention with low self-confidence, behavior and attendance issues, negative attitudes toward math, and low math scores. In this documentary, you will learn about the intervention that resulted in an immense increase in not only positive attitudes towards math but also a sizeable increase in math knowledge. What resulted from the intervention was ultimately a change in the school’s mathematics community – an environment where students collaborated and supported one another.

How do we access the film?

Once the film is released we will have a link on our website for easy viewing.

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Can I host a screening at my school?

Yes, we are encouraging schools to share with their teachers and local districts.

Suzy Koontz has spent over 25 years helping students achieve academic success. Suzy has created over 200 kinesthetic teaching tools adopted by schools nationwide and has authored more than 20 books. As a national presenter and keynote speaker for schools and conferences, Suzy shares heartwarming stories of how movement can increase teacher and student self-confidence and transform how students learn and retain knowledge. Suzy is the co-author of an upcoming ASCD book on active learning. She has presented nationally at ESEA, ASCD, NCTM, NCSM, and NSLA, and was filmed for the documentary Can Movement-Based Learning Improve Math Mindset?

Principal Jenkins is the principal at the Title 1 school we worked with in Sarasota, FL. 

Mr. Mills is the teacher at the Title 1 school we worked with in Sarasota, FL for our documentary. He is a third grade teacher. 

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