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Classroom Storage Options

Solutions for organizing your Math & Movement floor mats

Wooden Cart with Dowels

Streamline mat storage for up to 16 mats with our wooden cart

  • Made of varnished beech wood
  • Four locking wheels
  • Range of dowel heights
  • Best suited for mats ranging from 18 inches to 63 inches in width
  • Not suitable for large, velcro mats

Metal Cart with Grid Slots

Transport dozens of mats with this durable yet lightweight cart

  • Two-tier wire grid that creates 12 storage slots
  • Each slot can hold 3-5 Math & Movement mats
  • 4 swivel caster wheels that each move 360 degrees
  • Two locking brakes
  • Not suitable for mats 63” in width or for velcro mats. 

Large Mat Storage Bag

A great classroom storage option for our larger mats

  • Features a double zipper, two adjustable compression straps, and a velcro carrying handle
  • Best suited for 10 ft x 10 ft, 8 ft x 8 ft, and 5 ft x 5ft mats.
  • Fits up to 4 10 x 10 mats

Storage FAQs

What is the best way to store my mats when they are not in use?

Our team has found that rolling up the mats when they are not in use works very well to save space. We recommend starting at the bottom of the mat and rolling so the printed side of the mat is on the outside. When you finish rolling, the name of the mat at the top should be visible. (This way, it will be easy to identify your mats when they are rolled up!)

You can use painter’s tape to secure the top end of the mat to the rest of the roll. We have found that painter’s tape is easy to remove and does not damage the printed vinyl surface of the mat. For large velcro mats, simply fold one half on top of the other, and follow the same process, rolling up both halves together.

I have a few large mats (over 5 ft x 5 ft). What option is best for me?

 The Large Mat Storage Bag. This bag can fit 4 velcro mats.

I have a classroom kit. What option is best for me?

Depending on the kit you have, a combination of the Large Mat Storage Bag and either the Wooden Cart or Metal Cart would work. Store your large mats in the bag and the smaller ones in either cart!

I keep my materials in my own classroom. What option do you recommend?

Either cart option can be kept in a corner, a closet, or under a shelf or desk. The Large Mat Storage Bag can be stood up inside a closet or cubby.

Looking for a DIY Solution to Classroom Storage?

We have also created instructions for building your own storage unit.

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