Create a Sensory Hallway in Your School

Sensory Hallways Made Easy

Many schools are looking for ways to brighten up their hallways. Sensory hallways, or sensory pathways, increase student learning and engagement throughout the school day. We have created a wide range of heavy-duty, custodian-approved stickers that you can add to your school’s hallways. 

These stickers are ideal for elementary schools and cover concepts taught from Pre-K through 5th grade. Our hallway stickers, like our floor mats, help young students learn about  multiplication, division, factoring, addition, subtraction, place values, rounding and so much more. These sensory hallways can be customized for smaller spaces (e.g. single mats like the one shown in the video) or can be turned into a full movement sensory path with various concept designs.

Benefits of Sensory Hallways

Increase student engagement and willingness to participate in the classroom

Increase cognition and memory retention of new information

Provide a brain break so students can release tension, allowing their brain and body to refocus

Aid students in developing fine and gross motor skills like balance, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness

Prevents disruptive behaviors from occurring within the classroom

See Our Sensory Hallway Decals in Action

In 2019, we began a pilot program of the 210 Dolch word floor stickers (floor decals) at a school close to Ithaca, New York! Check out what their principal, teachers, and students had to say about their colorful new hallway!

Interested in Creating a Sensory
Hallway at Your School?

Shop our Sensory Hallway Kits below, or put together a quote from our other indoor decals to create your own custom hallway. You can add products to your cart and request a quote at checkout!

Sensory Hallway Kits

We have designed 3 sensory hallway kits based on grade-level concepts. Contact us for custom grade-level sets.

  • PreK – 1st Early Learning Kit
  • Kindergarten – 2nd Hallway Kit
  • 3rd – 5th Hallway Kit

Individual Sensory Hallway Decal Options