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FREE Webinar

Kinesthetic Strategies to
Boost Math Outcomes

Brain scientists have identified that movement is essential for enhanced brain function, circulation, focus, concentration, learning, and retention. 

During this one-hour webinar, you will learn:

  • Efficient teaching and learning techniques that make math fun and engaging
  • The brain science behind movement-based learning
  • The benefits of including kinesthetic, play-based learning in your lessons
  • Strategies to promote equity and speed up learning
  • How Math & Movement materials can be used in your classroom or school
The training will include time for a discussion and questions. All participants will receive the Math & Movement Training Manual ebook that contains over 250 engaging math movements.

Meet Our Presenter,
Suzy Koontz

Suzy Koontz is the Founder and CEO of Math & Movement. She is an actuary, an educational consultant, a math teacher, and the creator of over 150 kinesthetic teaching tools. As the author of over 15 books, Suzy’s passion is helping students recognize their ability to learn and helping them lead healthier lives while achieving academic success. Suzy’s mission is for ALL students to be on grade level in math and reading.

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