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Positive Affirmation Digital Download

Place these printable positive affirmations for kids around your classroom! Read these affirmations daily with your class to boost confidence and build self-esteem. Choose your affirmations in the dropdown menu below.


Printable Positive Affirmations for Kids

Our popular positive affirmation stickers are now available as a digital download! Are you looking for ways to create a growth mindset in your students? Do you love the idea of daily affirmations but find it difficult to make a habit of saying them? These printable positive affirmations for the classroom are a great investment for your kids and yourself!

Each positive affirmation is suitable for kids, parents, and educators. Recite affirmations such as “I am a good listener” and “I am a good friend” as you move around the classroom. Replace negative thoughts and feelings with ones that will boost your confidence and encourage students to do their best!

Above all, these printable positive affirmations allow you to be creative with where you place them. Add them to your bulletin board, hallways, bathroom mirrors, notebook covers, or classroom doors – anywhere they will be seen and read! These positive affirmations for kids will make it easy to incorporate positive thoughts into daily life while building self-esteem.

Positive self talk is a powerful tool that sets students up for success.

Furthermore, these affirmations are great for building students’ vocabulary of adjectives. They might not even realize they are getting practice reading new words!

Create a school environment full of positive people today with these printable positive affirmations for the classroom!


Product Details

The printable positive affirmations will be sent to your email as a downloadable PDF.

Dimensions: Each circle has a 4 inch diameter

Includes: We currently have a list of 107 “I am…” affirmations and one “YES YOU ARE” statement. Select your choice of affirmations in the alphabetical dropdown menu above.

  • I am amazing
  • I am unique
  • I am wanted
  • I am smart
  • I am beautiful
  • …and many more!


Additional information

Dimensions 4 in
Digital Positive Affirmation Options

I am a good listener, I am a problem solver, I am a successful learner, I am a terrific human being, I am a wonderful friend, I am admired, I am amazing, I am ambitious, I am appreciative, I am at peace, I am aware, I am awesome, I am balanced, I am beautiful, I am blessed, I am brave, I am brilliant, I am calm, I am capable, I am caring, I am cheerful, I am cherished, I am clever, I am competent, I am confident, I am considerate, I am content, I am courageous, I am creative, I am curious, I am disciplined, I am elegant, I am energized, I am enthusiastic, I am fabulous, I am fair, I am fearless, I am focused, I am forgiving, I am free, I am friendly, I am funny, I am generous, I am genuine, I am good enough, I am gracious, I am grateful, I am happy, I am hard-working, I am healthy, I am helpful, I am honest, I am important, I am innovative, I am inspired, I am intelligent, I am joyful, I am kind, I am learning, I am liked, I am loved, I am loyal, I am magnificent, I am marvelous, I am motivated, I am needed, I am open-minded, I am optimistic, I am organized, I am patient, I am perserverant, I am persistent, I am persuasive, I am polite, I am positive, I am powerful, I am present, I am productive, I am prosperous, I am punctual, I am reasonable, I am relaxed, I am relentless, I am reliable, I am resilient, I am resourceful, I am respected, I am respectful, I am responsible, I am safe, I am sensitive, I am sincere, I am smart, I am special, I am strong, I am sympathetic, I am talented, I am thankful, I am thoughtful, I am tolerant, I am trustworthy, I am unique, I am unstoppable, I am valuable, I am valued, I am wanted, I am worthy, YES YOU ARE!

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