Math & Movement’s Alignment with State Standards

Find out how Math & Movement is aligned to your state's education standards.

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Enhancing Education Through Movement

One of our most common questions from educators is, “How does Math & Movement align to state standards?” We have a detailed answer to this question and have also created a State Standards Guide to help you easily integrate our materials into your school’s curriculum.

Which Standards Guides Are Available?

The Math & Movement team has created K-5 crosswalks for Common Core State Standards, New York Next Generation Learning Standards, Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, Virginia Standards of Learning, Georgia Standards of Excellence, and Alabama State Standards.

What About Grade Levels?

Each one of our crosswalk guides include a link for grades kindergarten through fifth.

How Does the Guide Work?

With each standard’s concept, we reference the exact standard name, standard description, and list of corresponding floor mats that could teach the concept. This makes it easy for you to draft lesson plans and activities with the mats your school has.

Don't See Your State's Standards?

If you do not see your state’s standards but are interesting in having a guide for them, send an email to us at We can work on a crosswalk for you and even send it over for your review!

Be sure to check out the lesson plan books that we have available for Common Core and TEKS State Standards. Additionally, take a look at our Hop to Success series for NYS Next Generation Standards and Common Core Standards.

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