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5 Card Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week

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teacher appreciation week cards for card ideas

What is Teacher Appreciation Week?

National Teacher Appreciation Week is a dedicated time to recognize all educators and what they do for their students. Many schools celebrate by hosting breakfasts or luncheons, giving treats or small gifts, and sharing appreciation through cards. Teacher Appreciation Week 2023 is May 8 – 12.

Former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt was the first one to advocate for a day to recognize educators in 1953. Though she had congressional support, there wasn’t a National Teacher Appreciation Day until 1980 after lobbying efforts from the National Education Association. In 1984, the first full week of May became National Teacher Appreciation Week thanks to the National Parent Teacher Association.

How can your student let their teacher know that they are appreciated? Many teachers’ desks are already full of knick-knacks and crafts, and bottles of lotion or coffee mugs are only so creative as a gift. On the other hand, handwritten cards for Teacher Appreciation Week are entirely personalized and heartfelt. Teachers can easily keep these notes and look back on them when they need a pick-me-up.

Do you need some card ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week from your child? We’re sharing some writing prompts to help your child craft a wholesome message for their teacher. Plus, we’re including some free printable cards for Teacher Appreciation Week right here! 

teacher appreciation week 2023, cards for, card, ideas

Card Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week

"My favorite thing about my teacher is..."

This message is short and sweet, yet sincere and genuine! This prompt makes for a great Teacher Appreciation Week card from a younger student.

teacher appreciation week 2023, cards for, card, ideas
teacher appreciation week 2023, cards for, card, ideas

"My teacher makes class fun by..."

Another great prompt for young ones, this message will recognize a teacher’s enthusiasm. Our educators’ energy and ideas put towards creating engaging class lessons shouldn’t be unrecognized! Their silly reading voices, whiteboard drawings, or classroom games are what keep students learning.

"My favorite memory from my teacher's class is..."

Since we’re approaching the end of the school year, it’s appropriate to get reminiscent. Teachers hang on to cards from students for years. With this message, they’ll be able to remember a moment that meant a lot to your child.

teacher appreciation week 2023, cards for, card, ideas
teacher appreciation week 2023, cards for, card, ideas

"I will never forget that my teacher taught me..."

This message has a lot of possible answers! It could be “to tie my shoes”, “the multiplication times table”, or “how to always be myself”. Whatever the lesson, teachers will know that they’ve successfully made a difference in a child’s understanding of the world. 

"Thank you for helping me..."

This prompt gives students an opportunity to show appreciation for a time when their teacher helped them individually. This message shows that a teacher’s attention does not go unnoticed.

teacher appreciation week 2023, cards for, card, ideas


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