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We’re on a mission to help all students succeed in school. Students learn through different styles — which is why our program includes products for teaching with visual, auditory, and kinesthetic elements aligned with state standards. Our multi-sensory learning approach boosts retention rates, builds self-confidence, and increases test scores. Best of all, kids love to learn this way!

Some of Our Favorites

Add/Subtract (1-100)


Clock Hop


The 100 Word Hop


Learning Through Movement

Movement-based learning tools for the classroom or home

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The Movement to
Modernize Math Class

Strengthen numeracy and literacy

Supplement existing curriculums

Integrate core subjects

Engage all learners

Support equity

Integrate PE into more subjects

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Students used
Math & Movement for just one hour on July 7, 2021...

average increase of third grader's multiplication by 3s facts
1 %
average increase of fourth and fifth grader's multiplication by 3s facts
1 %

Teacher and Student Approved

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This program allows students who are uncomfortable with math, or who have not typically been successful through traditional teaching methods, feel more confident and less stressed as they move and enjoy the visual and kinesthetic materials.

Maggie Mason
Elementary Teacher
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I have been using math and literacy mats in my classroom. My students love the mats. The movement helps the students in a myriad of ways. Students learn, have fun and work together with each other. The mats are great for collaboration and problem solving."

Alicia Morera Tirado
Bilingual Teacher
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As an AIS teacher, I love the idea of movement and repetition. This conference was excellent. It’s one of the best conferences I’ve been to in my 20+ years of teaching.

Workshop Attendee
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I have seen students use skip counting clapping or tapping movements to help them with their multiplication facts when working on some problems or taking a test. The movements increased number identification for younger students and helped older students become more fluent with their math facts.

Fallon Walton
K-5 Math Specialist
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I have seen a lot of growth in the children’s fact recall. The kids love to get up and move around and it gives them a meaningful movement break throughout their day.

Tracy Sforza
Third Grade Teacher
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We were initially hesitant when we purchased Math&Movement stair risers. We didn’t know how they would look, how hard they would be to apply, how long they would last. We should not have worried. The risers were easy to apply, and the quality is amazing. One year later, they look as good as when we first put them up. We’re in the process of ordering another set. Great company – great product!

Sharon Leamy
Review for Stair Riser Stickers
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The math stencil was great for helping our students learn math outside. The students were engaged! They enjoyed being able to practice math skills such as addition, subtracting skip counting, multiplication facts and fraction practice. It will continue to be a great ongoing learning experience with math outside throughout the years to come.

Shanay Cordova
Review for 1-100 Stencils
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I use this mat in my Family Child Care and all my children love it. From my older twos up to my schoolage children. They love making up their own final word. The sillier the better.

Tracy Bourdon
Review for Sentence Hop Laminated Floor Mat
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These look great in our school! Very high quality prints, easy to place, and they will work with you to get measurements perfectly. We were in a situation where our risers were all different heights, but Emma was so helpful throughout the process. Highly recommended!

Andrew Litwin
Review for Stair Riser Stickers
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As a special education teacher, I love using these mats in our general education classroom. Every child is engaged and excited to learn their multiplication tables. When I bring a mat out the whole class cheers. Thank you for making math more accessible not just for my students, but every child in our classroom.

Deb Scheer
Review for Skip Counting by 3s Mat
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I used the Make-a-Word Hop mat to teach spelling words to a second grade boy. His most recent test scores had been 0/10 and 4/10. I spent 20 minutes working with him on 9 of his 10 spelling words for the week. On his post test, he only missed 1 of those 9 words! He was ecstatic over this score and decided to use this methodology at home with his 5 extra credit words. He reported to me that he got all of them right after using the Math & Movement methods ON HIS OWN.

Sally Cramer
Review for Make-A-Word Hop
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Kids love the big size of this and mat and the many different activities they can do. From K students who are learning there numbers to 6th graders who learn shortcuts to adding and subtracting, this mat works for everyone. I teach P.E. K-6 and students love the games that can be done with this large mat!

Terri Kerley
Review for Hundred Number Grid 0-99
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These mats are absolutely amazing!! I am a physical education teacher and began using these mats in my class. In one week and a half, every student in my class had improved DRASTICALLY on their skip counting and multiplication. If your students are struggling with skip counting or multiplication, you need these mats! The great thing about these mats is that they can be used with any grade level.

Marcia Wade
Review for Skip Counting Mats Set
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Thank you once again for being the keynote speaker at this year's was a big success because of your dedication and commitment to math education...Because of your outstanding presentation, we know our participants had a great conference. Our conference evaluations were 100% positive! Everyone left with new motivating tools for teaching.

Suzanne Golder
on Suzy Koontz's How to Make Math Count 2024 Keynote

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