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We have three solutions for organizing your Math & Movement floor mats – a storage bag, a wooden cart, and a metal cart. Check out the descriptions below and select in the drop-down.


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Large Mat Storage Bag

Product Highlights:

  • Features a double zipper, two adjustable compression straps, and a velcro carrying handle.
  • Best suited for 10 ft x 10 ft, 8 ft x 8 ft, and 5 ft x 5ft mats.
  • Accommodates up to 4 10 x 10 mats.


Product Description:

Introducing our Large Mat Storage Bag — the ultimate solution for storing and transporting your Math & Movement mats with ease! Measuring 66.9 inches in length, 5.9 inches in width, and 11.8 inches in height, this bag offers a storage option for your 10 ft x 10 ft, 8 ft x 8 ft, and 5 ft x 5 ft mats. Educators can fit up to 4 10×10 velcro mats in this bag.

The large mat storage bag features a double metal zipper, two adjustable compression straps (one on each end), and a velcro carrying handle. Plus, since this bag is originally intended for skis, it is very durable. The coated polyester material can be cleaned easily with paper towels and water. Packing and moving your large mats from one classroom to the next is made easy!



Wooden Cart with Dowels

Product Highlights:

  • Made of varnished beech wood
  • Four locking wheels for easy mobility
  • Range of dowel heights for versatile storage
  • Best suited for floor mats ranging from 18 inches to 63 inches in width
  • Not suitable for large, velcro mats


Product Description:

This versatile wooden cart allows educators to store and move up to 16 Math & Movement mats. Made from varnished beech wood, the cart is sturdy and stable. Its wheels make it super easy to move multiple mats out of a closet or to another classroom all at once. The wheels include brakes, ensuring that your mats stay put once you’re done rolling them around!

By design, the cart displays the name of each rolled-up mat. So it is easy for teachers to find and pull off the one they want to use in that day’s lesson. Just make sure to roll up your mats starting at the bottom so that the title on the top shows!

The cart measures 23.3 inches long and 13.8 inches wide. There are 2.2 inches of space between each dowel, allowing for adequate room between each rolled-up mat. The dowels range in height, with the tallest being 24.7 inches and the shortest being 16.8 inches.

Our team recommends rolling up your Math & Movement mats and securing them with painter’s tape while they are not in use. The diameter of each dowel is 2 cm, so be sure to leave that much space in the center when you roll up your mats. Simply side the center of the rolled-up mat down the wooden dowel.

This wooden cart can store mats that measure 18 inches to 63 inches in width, including laminated mats. The cart is not suitable for velcro mats. We recommend placing lengthier mats, such as the Clock Hop or Place Value mats, on the tallest dowels.

Assembly is required, though all the tools needed are included! One person can easily assemble this cart in less than 30 minutes.



Metal Cart with Grid Slots

Product Highlights:

  • Two-tier wire grid that creates 12 storage slots
  • Each slot can hold 3-5 Math & Movement mats
  • Four swivel caster wheels that each move 360 degrees
  • Two locking brakes
  • Not suitable for mats 63” in width or for velcro mats.


Product Description:

This metal cart allows educators to store and transport dozens of mats with ease! Made of steel rods, this durable yet lightweight cart features a two-tier wire grid that creates 12 storage slots. Each slot can hold 3-5 Math & Movement mats (depending on the diameter of each mat when rolled up). Because of the two-tier slot system, your mats will stay upright and will not slide off the sides of the cart or lean over onto each other!

Additionally, the metal cart has 4 swivel caster wheels that each move 360 degrees. Educators can push the cart using the included handle and give their mats a smooth ride around their school. Two locking brakes on the wheels ensure that the cart will stay put once you reach your classroom destination!

The metal cart measures 20.3 inches wide and 22.4 inches long. The height of the curved handle is 28.7 inches. This cart can hold mats that measure 18 inches to 54 inches in width. This cart is not suitable for mats 63” in width or for velcro mats. 

Simply roll up your mats when they are not in use, secure them with blue tape, and place them in the cart!

Assembly is required, though all of the tools you need are included! Two people can easily assemble the cart in 30 minutes.

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Large Mat Storage Bag, Wooden Cart with Dowels, Metal Cart


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