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June 2019 Teacher Spotlight – Susana Garcia-Bech

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June 2019 Teacher Spotlight

Susana Garcia-Bech

5th Grade Math & Science Teacher
Meadow Park Elementary School, Charlotte County Public Schools
Port Charlotte, FL

How long have you been a teacher?

I teach 5th Grade Math and Science at Meadow Park Elementary School which is located in Charlotte County in Port Charlotte, Florida. I have been a teacher for 8 years.

How did you learn about Math & Movement?

I learned about Math & Movement through our PDC (Professional Development Center) that offered training for Math & Movement.

How long have you been using Math & Movement in your classroom?

I’ve been using Math & Movement for two years.

What changes have you seen in your students since using Math & Movement?

My students are more engaged and love learning new standards when they can move around and learn.

What is your favorite floor mat and why?

My favorite floor mat is the Cartesian Coordinate grid. The kids love the concept and love to be able to move around on the mat. It really helps them gain the concept of moving for the x and y coordinates.

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