“Skip Counting” by 3’s and 4’s

This is a progression of “Skip Counting” by 2’s and 5’s because the rows of 10 are not multiples of either 3 or 4. You need to explain to the students that there will be leftover numbers at the end that they can’t use.

The Tens Have It

Write +10, -10, +20, and -20 on index cards. Toss a beanbag towards the center of the mat . Have a student travel to it and then clap 3x while saying the word. Pull one of the cards and tell the student to advance or retreat from that point by that many steps, moving horizontally […]

Word Coordinates

This combines math and literacy. Make two sets of index cards with the numbers 1-10. (Each set should be a different color.) Stand at the bottom left corner of the grid. Explain the concept of coordinates (“across” and “up”) and the numbering system of coordinates (ex.: “may”=1,1 and “it”=10,10). Give a student one card of […]

The Dice Have It

This is a variation on “The Tens Have It.” Distribute word cards to a few students and ask them to identify and then jump to their words. Ask another student to roll a die while a different student calls “plus” or “minus” (or rolls a +/- die.) The students advance toward the bottom of the […]

Race to the Start

Same as “Race to the Finish” but starting at “Find” and traveling to the top of the mat. Additional variation: Students may walk backward instead of Forward.

Race to the Finish

Two students line up at “I”. The first student rolls a 12-sided die and takes that number of steps. The student does something with the word he/she lands on: e.g., says it 3x while clapping or spells it while jumping once for each letter. The second student takes a turn in like manner. Continue until […]

“Skip Counting” by 2’s and 5’s

Have students on the left side of the mat. Tell the student by row 1 that he/she will be stepping on each word in the row, saying either “one” or “two” all the way across. Direct the student as follows: “Step on the first word and say ‘one.’ Step on the second word and say […]

Sentence Coordinates

Do Word Coordinates, using words (out of sequence) that will make a sentence. Have each student that jumps to a word to stay by the word. Ask the class to determine the sequence that will make a sentence. Everyone then says the sentence 3-5x, jumping/clapping once for each word.

Beginning Letters

Can you find one word that starts with the letter _____? Jump to that word and say it 3-5x while jumping on it. As the student gets to a word, everyone says it 3-5x while jumping or clapping 3-5x. Can you find all of the words that start with the letter _____? Have a different […]

High Frequency Beginning Letters

Have 10 students line up either on the left side of the mat (one student at each row) or the bottom of the mat (one student at each column). Direct students to jump/hop/step on each word until they reach a word starting with the letter _____. The student should jump on that word 5x while […]