Clipboard Math

Clip a multiplication math worksheet for that banner’s multiple on a clipboard. Have the students solve the answers to the math problems by counting the skip counting numbers.

Utilize the Waiting Time

Hang banners in locations where students will wait for PE, art, music or lunch. Students can study the patterns as they wait. Skip counting can be used as a filler activity when there are a few minutes to spare such as waiting for the art or computer teacher to call the students into the class. […]

Skip Counting Hide and Seek

Hang the skip counting banners in clever spots around your school or classroom. Create clues about the location of the banners. Have your students search for the banner and when they find it, have them skip count by the number on the banner.

Touching Numbers

Children increase their understanding of multiples when they are able to physically touch each multiple as they are counting. Have a student touch each multiple while saying the number out loud. To include the whole class, have the other students surround the banner and recite the numbers as the student touches them. You could also […]

Find the Patterns

Ask your students to search for the math patterns on the skip counting banners. For example, do they see that each multiple of nine has digits that add to nine? Or that by reversing these same digits results in another multiple of 9? The patterns are hiding—can they find some more?

Chanting the Multiples

Display the banner and encourage your class to recite the multiples while engaging in any form of physical activity. Adding some form of cross-body movement while reciting the multiples will speed up student’s retention. Let students take turns coming up with movements to do while reciting the multiples. (Movement ideas can be found in the […]

Hop the Multiples

Place the banner on the floor. Have a student hop on each of the multiple squares as they shout the numbers out loud.

Trace the Word

Have a student crawl on the mat and trace each word on the mat with two fingers. Have the student trace the word, saying each letter as they trace it. Then, say the full word.

Bean Bag Decides

Have a student throw a bean bag on the Word Hop floor mat. (Be sure the bean bag lands on one word.) The student will jump to the bean bag, pick it up, and say the word underneath the bean bag.

Spell and Say

Give students a word to jump to. Student jumps to that word, spells the word, and then says the letter sounds. For example, student jumps to the word “sit.” The student says the word, says each of the letter sounds, and then says the word again. This helps with letter recognition and letter sounds.