After School Program Kits

Incorporate Active Learning Into Your After School Program Curriculum

Bring kinesthetic learning to your after school program’s curriculum with one our kits! These collections of materials are specially designed to engage young minds in exciting and educational activities that foster creativity, critical thinking, and teamwork. We created 3 tiered kits for you to choose based on the needs of your program. These materials can also be used before school, during the day, during summer learning, or at family engagement events. 

Aligned to state standards

Fun and engaging for students

Made with durable materials

after school program curriculum learning kits classroom management elementary
after school program curriculum learning kits

Choose Your Kit

We have created three kit options to best suit a range of program needs and budgets.

Starter After School Kit

A great place to start, this kit includes some of our favorite mats. Discover active learning for developing number senseaddition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Essentials After School Kit

This kit moves beyond number sense, adding opportunities for your students to learn more concepts like telling time, measurement, place value, and graphing.

Comprehensive After School Kit

This comprehensive set of materials includes everything in the other two kits PLUS more math concepts for K-5 like fractions, geometry, operations, measurements, and money.

Detailed Activities

Receive unlimited access to our online activity database with your purchase. Search by floor mat name and find activities to complete your after school program curriculum. The database also has videos and worksheets for many of our materials for teachers to use in lessons.

Movement is like "Miracle Grow" for the Brain

Movement increases growth factors and connections between neurons in the prefrontal cortex of the brain. The prefrontal cortex is responsible for developing complex cognitive abilities like:
  • planning
  • thought analysis
  • creativity
  • abstract thinking
  • social behavior
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Durable + Cost Effective

We know every penny counts in education, which is why our materials are made to last. Our materials have been found to last up to 10 years with proper care. The durable materials allow students across multiple grade levels and academic years to benefit from movement-based learning. 

Where We Are Now

You will find the Math & Movement Program in schools across 46 states in the US and parts of Canada. We have worked with Title 1, charter, private, and rural and large city public school districts to provide students and teachers with movement-based learning solutions. Is your school next?

Ready to Get Started?

Math & Movement has been an industry leader in kinesthetic learning for over 12 years!  Many schools need a copy of our W-9 to place an order. Fill out our new customer form to receive a copy of our W-9! Or, use the form to send us your PO if you’re ready.


Not sure where to get started with movement-based learning?

Talk with our team to learn more about the Math & Movement program
and the benefits of kinesthetic learning.

Not sure where to get started with movement-based learning?

Talk with our team to learn more about the Math & Movement program
and the benefits of kinesthetic learning.

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